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Adhesive Coating Technologies is committed to the preservation of our world environment. We excel in our commitment to sustainability through our practices, procedures and culture. Together with our employees, customers, partners, governments and communities, Adhesive Coating Technologies is committed to a collaborative, science-based approach to solving global challenges.


At times our workers may be exposed to dust, noise, harmful chemicals, or other industrial hazards. To help ensure our worker health and safety, we have a documented health and safety management plan, including a chemical management plan where needed, and provide safety training and personal protective equipment to workers. We also perform audits to ensure all worker health and safety protocols are being met. 


Manufacturing of synthetic resins and plastic films, used in adhesive tapes consumes significant amounts of electricity and energy, leading to greenhouse gas emissions. Adhesive Coating Technologies help abate these impacts by measuring, tracking, and reporting energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, with a focus on reduction. We perform preventative maintenance on equipment, replace inefficient equipment, use renewable energy sources, and encourage efficient energy behaviors throughout our operation.


Sticky residues and tape left behind by adhesives on recyclable materials can hinder recycling, and burning of tapes and their adhesives can release air pollutants that are harmful to humans and the environment. We both produce and use tapes that are compatible with end-of-life treatment.


Adhesive Coating Technologies packaging design is optimized to ensure that packaging performs its essential functions of containment and protection while minimizing use of materials, energy resources, and environmental impacts across the life cycle of the packaged product. We perform energy-efficient manufacturing, use packaging materials from renewable resources, and encourage consumer recycling.


Various manufacturing operations use plastic and pulp or paper tape products that can release compounds into the environment that can pollute the water and air. Adhesive Coating Technologies implement the best available practices and technologies to abate these emissions and we consider substitute materials when appropriate.

A message from our Global President

“At Adhesive Coating Technologies, we strive to be the best in all areas of our manufacturing, which includes making sustainable choices for future generations. We are a purpose driven culture that relentlessly pursues innovation while maintaining the highest standards of sustainability. We know that every roll of tape that we produce creates impact. That’s why we make a daily  commitment to not only be the best tape manufacturer, but to have the best sustainability practices while doing it.”

Dimitri Poulokefalos
Global President, Adhesive Coating Technologies